Kick Old Man Winter's Butt

Show the snow who’s the boss with a new Toro snow blower from George’s Lawnmower. Toro snow blowers give you precision control and commercial durability. Work smarter, not harder this winter by selecting the best snow blower to meet your needs. Choose from single-stage and two-stage snow blowers with battery or gas power. 

– Power Clear: Power Clear single stage snow blowers are loaded with big time power in a compact size. This lightweight snow blower is perfect for small driveway, walkway and patio jobs. It’s compact design makes for easy storage. Also available in a battery-powered model.

– Power Max and Power Max HD: These two-stage snowblowers clear wide paths with speed and ease. All models come with Power Max Anti-Clogging Auger systems which prevents clogging while maximizing speed and velocity. Some models even come with built in hand warmers!

– Power TRX Heavy- Duty: The biggest engine available for the biggest, snowiest jobs. These tracked two-stage snow blowers throw snow 60 feet or more. And it all begins with a single-button electric start. 


Win Winter! Buy your new snow blower from George’s Lawnmower. Or, contact George’s about servicing your existing equipment before the white stuff starts to fly!


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